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D&D Note (3-21-2012) ~ The Million Dollar Bet

D&D Note (3-21-2012)

Oracle of Omaha Warren Buffet has a million dollar bet with a selection of hedge funds on wether the S&P 500 index will do better in returns than the hedge funds at the end of the 10 year time period (concluding Dec 31 2017).

At first in 2008 Buffet fell way behind but has clawed back and now they are basically even.

The winner will donate the money to charity. The funny thing is the Zero-coupon bond which houses the winnings has actually outperformed the S&P 500 and the hedge funds.

The biggest story today on the floor of the NYSE had nothing to do with equities but rather that Tebow has been traded to the Jets… not a lot of fan fair…

Markets saw a big boost in volume at the end of trading bring down the DOW and S&P 500. The Tech heavy NASDAQ ended up.

Today is a good reason to have a well balanced globally diversified portfolio. While the DOW and S&P ended lower .35% and .19% respectively, D&D Investments returned a positive .577% which also beat the NASDAQ which ended up .04%.

With a simple globally diversified barbell strategy with a focus on high yielding defensive stocks and high beta aggressive stocks – utilizing both technical and fundamental analysis i.e. homework, any retail investor can beat the market – just like Warren Buffet beats the market.

And today that was with D&D’s top holding AAPL being down .57%.

Oh the 1% – if can’t beat them join them. With a little bit of motivation and active money management you too can increase income and pay less taxes.

Just like Mitt 🙂

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