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D&D Note (2.5.2018) ~ Flash Crash or Flash Sale? ~

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D&D Note (2.5.2018) ~ Flash Crash or Flash Sale? ~

Markets carried over the selling from Friday on todays session. Then in the afternoon session we saw a 800 point flash crash which we came back from. Then market began selling back off and continued into the futures market. Come tomorrow we’ll be around a 10% correction after the past few trading days of selling. Nobody is actually certain what caused todays market action, but it was definitely due to computer trading and major stops got taken out as we fell through the 50 day moving average which picked up the rapid and sharp V in todays tape.

D&D sees this as a great opportunity to buy not sell. Find stocks with good cash flow and balance sheets like Boeing. If you have new cash this is a great time to get into the market with S&P 500 Index funds.

Continue to buy in pyramid stages as we can certainly fall further before going up especially in specific sectors and stocks. Look for the testing of the 200 day moving average in the major indexes for the market to find a bottom.

Overshadowed on the day was the further collapse of crypto with all coins get hammered on the day.

D&D added to the following positions; NVDA, BA, SIEGY, BAC.

If you need to raise cash (sell stocks) just remember to not sell your winners but rather close out poor performers.

D&D movers:

– IMLFF up 5.71%

– APHQF up 1.84%

– EMHTF up 0.91%

– NVDA down -8.49%

– BRK/B down -5.89%

– BA down -5.74%


– DOW down -4.60%

– NASDAQ down -3.78%

– S&P down -2.12%


– DOW down -1489 points -5.86%

– NASDAQ down -324.25 -4.80%

– S&P down -149.25 -5.41%

Sector Movers:

– No Sectors finished higher on the day

– Financials down -4.99%

– Health down -4.55%

– Industrials down -4.46%


– US 2-YR 2.036% (down -0.0117)

– US 10-YR 2.709% (down -0.143)

– US 30-YR 3.002% (down -0.093)


– VIX 37.32 (up 115.60%)

Crypto (1:00 PST)

– BTC $7,120.00

– ETH $706.68

– BCH $935.32

– LTC $128.60


– Gold $1,341.20 (up 0.29%)

– Silver $16.685 (down -0.14%)

– Copper $3.1895 (up 0.06%)


– Oil $63.44 (down -3.07%)

– Brent $67.09 (down -2.17%)

– Nat Gas $2.759 (down -3.06%)

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