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D&D Note (5.24.2018) ~ Cancelation of North Korea Summit Rattles Markets ~ #StockMarket #NorthKorea

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D&D Note (5.24.2018) ~ Cancelation of North Korea Summit Rattles Markets ~

Today in perhaps a page from “The Art of the Deal” the President pulled out of the upcoming North Korea summit. He left the door open to reschedule the summit. Markets hit the low of the day on the news but did recover fairly well although still closing in the red. Most investors see the cancelation as a better outcome than to have a failed summit.

The Crypto space got hit hard following news that the DOJ is looking into Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in a criminal probe for price manipulation. This includes traders placing orders and then buying their own order to manipulate the price. This works both ways in a rising price and a falling price. The tokens recovered some after the initial fall.

In a sell the news event Pot Stock Canopy Growth sold off today as it got listed on the NYSE and changed the ticker from TWMJF to CGC. The whole sector of stocks sold off as well today, and were all the worse performers on the day for D&D.

The largest percentage gainers for the portfolio today where Emerging Market Stocks with India Stock WNS gaining 2.32% and China Stock BABA rising 0.29%. PYPL and AMZN also made the top 4 gainers today.

US Treasury Yields all fell today with the 10YR Yield now at 2.975%.


D&D movers:

– WNS up 2.32%

– PYPL up 0.58%

– BABA up 0.29%

– AMZN up 0.08%

– CGC down -6.66%

– APHQF down -4.04%

– CNTTF down -2.54%

– MEDFF down -2.17%


– DOW down -0.30%

– NASDAQ down -0.02%

– S&P down -0.20%

Sector Movers:

– Utilities up 0.75%

– Industrials up 0.60%

– Telecom up 0.59%

– Energy down -1.67%

– Financials down -0.71%

– Materials down -0.42%


– US 2-YR 2.512% (down -0.016)

– US 10-YR 2.975% (down -0.028)

– US 30-YR 3.123% (down -0.046)


– VIX 12.72 (up 1.11%)

Crypto (1:00 PST)

– BTC $7,587.28

– ETH $595.98

– BCH $1,068.41

– LTC $124.60


– Gold $1,304.60 up 1.16%

– Silver $16.70 up 1.80%

– Copper $3.0995 up 0.94%


– Oil $70.68 down -1.61%

– Brent $78.79 down -1.27%

– Nat Gas $2.939 up 0.86%

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