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D&D Market Note of the Day ~ April 1 2020

wall-street-bull-sculpture small
All major US market Indexes fell on the day around 4%+
Futures are up 1%+ but as expected after such a deep red day.
Consensus amongst market makers is we are likely to retest lows. The bet really has become do we hit highs of 2700 on S&P first before we possibly hit 1700 on the lows.
D&D is being patient. We are looking for Mid April weakness to begin a new separate portfolio (in tandem with current portfolio) that is a pure long term (5-10 years) buy and hold strategy based on future trends of the digital and cloud economy while staying diversified across a global economy with a new additional focus on domesticated supply chains.
We are developing a list of 30 stocks and researching all current data like balance sheet, cash flow, bailout exposure, etc. Under 2300 on the S&P looks to be the safe zone to dollar cost average yourself into each position in the market.
Amongst our current daily tradable portfolio we will also break out our long term net long portfolio created during this one in a few lifetime buying opportunities. (74, 81, 87, 01, 09, 2020)
~ Dave James / Principal Trader and Market Strategist

D&D Investments / Current Holdings (by weight):

  • ~ cash ~
  • AAPL
  • AMZN
  • TSM
  • TSLA
  • FB
  • MSFT
  • CGC
  • SHOP
  • V
  • DIS
  • BRK.B
  • PYPL
  • WNS
  • JPM
  • GOOG
  • CRM
  • BABA


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