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Market Alert! (11.2.2020) ~ U.S. Market Futures Up Dollar Down ~ #StockMarket

At 11:00pm Pacific Coast Time (PST): Markets are trading higher in the futures market and the Dollar is trading lower. -> Futures of 11:00 pm PST DOW up 0.62% (26962.00) S&P 500 up 0.49% (3316.75) NASDAQ up 0.26% (11092.00) FTSE up 0.71% CAC up 0.89%’ DAX up 0.82%

Market Alert! (10.6.2020) ~ President’s New Tweet Reverses Some Covid-19 Relief From Earlier Tweet ~ #StockMarket

In the 7:00pm hour PST the President has sent out a new tweet that reverses some of his earlier tweet today on ending stimulus talks. The President tweeted: “The House & Senate should IMMEDIATELY Approve 25 Billion Dollars for Airline Payroll Support, & 135 Billon for Small Business. Both of these will be fully paid … Continue reading

Market Alert! (9.16.2020) ~ Market Futures Are Falling Cross Asset Cross Globe ~ #StockMarket

At 7:00 Pm PST, U.S. market equity futures are down -.7 to -1%, Dollar Gaining, Euro Futures down -.5 to -.8%, Asian Markets down -.5 to -1%, Oil down -.7%, Gold -.6%. That leaves market beta at 1 now which means everything is correlating together… down.

Market Alert! (8.27.2020) ~ S&P 500 Trades above 3500 In Futures Market ~ #StockMarket

At 10:50 PST the S&P 500 is trading in the futures market at all time highs of 3501.25

Market Alert! (8.24.2020) ~ U.S. Says “Both Sides See Progress” On Phase 1 With China ~ #StockMarket

U.S. Says “Both Sides See Progress” On Phase 1 With China. Market Futures are currently up a quarter percent

Market Alert! (8.11.2020) ~ Gold Continues Fall Down Another 3% to $1894.30 ~

Gold continues its correction from extremely overbought conditions / this as real rates ticked slightly up to now have “less real negative rates” Now at $1894.30 a Troy Ounce in futures contract trading at 7:15pm PST

Market Alert! (4.20.2020) ~ Oil drops Negative to -$37.63 down over 200% ~

The May 20 contract expires today for Oil which has caused Oil today to fall and settle at negative to -$37.63 a barrel down over 200%. The June contract which start Wednesday is around $21 a barrel which is causing a huge contango spread.   ~Updated as fell even more while just posting alert~

Market Alert! (4.13.2020) ~ Telsa (TSLA) gains 11% ~

The stock of Tesla (TSLA) gains 11% in todays trading session on news they are producing all Chinese Model 3s in China therefore not having to pay import tax.

Market Alert! Global Futures Fall and US Futures Down 1% On New $200 Billion Tariffs. #TradeWar

After the Trump Administration announced a further $200 Billion in Tariffs on China and possibly an additional $200 Billion if China retaliates with tariffs on the US, Global Markets have fallen in futures trading. Asia Markets are lower in cash trading. The US Market Futures are all down around 1% at 9:00pm (PST). The implied open for DOW is down … Continue reading

Market Alert! Bitcoin under US Justice Department investigation for price manipulation. #Bitcoin

Bitcoin under US Justice Department investigation, criminal probe into traders, for price manipulation