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Todays Trade (10.20.2020) #StockMarket

BOUGHT: VZ (started position in our Holding Portfolio ahead of earnings)

Todays Trade (9.24.2020) #StockMarket

BOUGHT: BA (added to position in our Holding Portfolio)

Todays Trade (9.21.2020) #StockMarket

BOUGHT: JPM (added to position in Holding Portfolio) BA (began position in Holding Portfolio) JNJ (began position in Holding Portfolio) UNH (began position in Trading Portfolio)

Todays Trade (9.17.2020) #StockMarket

Bought: GOLD (added to position in Trading Portfolio) JPM (began position in Holding Portfolio)

Todays Trade (9.9.2020) #StockMarket

SOLD: CRM (trimmed profits) MSFT (trimmed profits) SHOP (trimmed profits)

Today Trade (9.2.2020) #StockMarket

SOLD: AAPL (trimmed profits from extreme overweight to an overweight position, still our #1 holding after trimming)

Todays Trade (8.24.2020) #StockMarket

BOUGHT: GOLD (First stage in dollar cost averaging into position, last 5 days has created a base at $29)

Todays Trade (6.29.2020) #StockMarket

SOLD: FB (took profits and reduced exposure due to pulling of advertsiments)

Todays Trade (6.23.2020) #StockMarket

SOLD: FB (trimmed profits) CGC (trimmed profits

Todays Trade (6.22.2020) #StockMarket

SOLD: (Trimmed profits in the following) PYPL (up 145%) SHOP (up 190%) AAPL (up 85%)