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Todays Trade (12.29.2020) #StockMarket

BOUGHT: BABA (added to position) TCEHY (added to position)

Todays Trade (12.28.2020) #StockMarket

BOUGHT: CAT (added to position / Trading Account) JNJ (added to position / Holding Account)) VZ (added to position / Holding Account)

Todays Trade (11.12.2020) #StockMarket

BOUGHT: BABA (restarted position after China internet guidelines) TCEHY (restarted position after China internet guidelines)

Todays Trade (10.29.2020) #StockMarket

BOUGHT: JNJ (added to position in our Holding Portfolio, on overall healthcare weakness ahead of Supreme Court and election decisions)

Todays Trade (10.28.2020) #StockMarket

With market weakness today ahead of the election D&D took advantage of some price discovery with a focus on cyclicals and India. BOUGHT: CAT (began position and will add on further weakness in coming trading days, on perceived infrastructure spending) SPCE (began position ahead of election and will add more on further weakness post election, … Continue reading

Todays Trade (10.20.2020) #StockMarket

BOUGHT: VZ (started position in our Holding Portfolio ahead of earnings)

Todays Trade (9.24.2020) #StockMarket

BOUGHT: BA (added to position in our Holding Portfolio)

Todays Trade (9.21.2020) #StockMarket

BOUGHT: JPM (added to position in Holding Portfolio) BA (began position in Holding Portfolio) JNJ (began position in Holding Portfolio) UNH (began position in Trading Portfolio)

Todays Trade (9.17.2020) #StockMarket

Bought: GOLD (added to position in Trading Portfolio) JPM (began position in Holding Portfolio)

Todays Trade (9.9.2020) #StockMarket

SOLD: CRM (trimmed profits) MSFT (trimmed profits) SHOP (trimmed profits)