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D&D Note (7-9-2012) ~ Alcoa Kicks Off Earnings Season With In Line Income Per Share

D&D Note (7-9-2012) Stocks finished off the lows of the day but remained lower for the day heading into this weeks first earnings releases. So far 63 out of 103 companies have lowered their earnings projections for the quarter, signaling extreme bearishness heading into the earning season. Traditionally when the market is as bearish as … Continue reading

D&D Note (4-10-2012) ~ Spain and Italy Debt Concerns Back In Focus

D&D Note (4-10-2012) Europe leads the markets lower – biggest sell-off so far this year in American Markets. Spain yields are pushing 6% and Italian yields near 5.7%. If the yields remain above 5% it signals that a bailout will be needed. FTSE was down 2.2%, the DAX ended down 2.5%, and the CAC was … Continue reading