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D&D Note (7-9-2012) ~ Alcoa Kicks Off Earnings Season With In Line Income Per Share

D&D Note (7-9-2012) Stocks finished off the lows of the day but remained lower for the day heading into this weeks first earnings releases. So far 63 out of 103 companies have lowered their earnings projections for the quarter, signaling extreme bearishness heading into the earning season. Traditionally when the market is as bearish as … Continue reading

D&D Note (4-11-2012) ~ Alcoa Gives Markets a Reason to Rally

D&D Note (4-11-2012) Aluminum producer Alcoa (AA) reported better than expected earnings after the bell yesterday (Alcoa is always the first DOW component to report earnings). This was reason enough for European concerns to ease for a day. A slight reprieve in advancing Spanish and Italian debt yields also helped sooth those Pains of Spain … Continue reading

D&D Note (4-10-2012) ~ Spain and Italy Debt Concerns Back In Focus

D&D Note (4-10-2012) Europe leads the markets lower – biggest sell-off so far this year in American Markets. Spain yields are pushing 6% and Italian yields near 5.7%. If the yields remain above 5% it signals that a bailout will be needed. FTSE was down 2.2%, the DAX ended down 2.5%, and the CAC was … Continue reading

D&D Note (4-9-2012) ~ Jobs Number Weighs on the Markets

D&D Note (4-9-2012) The Jobs number came in last Friday and it STUNK! Only 120,000 jobs where added in March – the expected number was 200k. Does this now mean QE is back on the table? All three American Indices where down on the day roughly 1% each but off their lows. The India Jewelers … Continue reading