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D&D Note (4.3.2018) ~  Markets Rally Off Technical Levels ~ #StockMarket #Rally

D&D Note (4.3.2018) ~  Markets Rally Off Technical Levels ~ Once again markets have bounced off the technical level of the 200 day moving average which was breached on the S&P 500 in Monday’s session. This could be a time correction where markets get stuck in a range between the 200 day and the 50% … Continue reading

D&D Note (2.20.2018) ~ Pot and Semi’s Rally / Diversification ~

D&D Note (2.20.2018) ~ Pot and Semi’s Rally / Diversification ~ What we normally see before a 3 day weekend instead happened today seeing investors lighten up on positions. The major indexes all finished lower on the day. However Pot stocks and Semiconductor stocks both rallied on the day pushing D&D to finish the day … Continue reading

D&D Note (2.1.2018) ~ HODL Volatility Awakens ~

D&D Note (2.1.2018) ~ HODL Volatility Awakens ~ Wild swings today again across markets with volatility returning to daily trading. The DOW alone saw a swing of 290+ points during the session. Pot Stocks due to their high beta have moved more than the major indexes and are clearly shaking out the loose hands. If … Continue reading

D&D Note (1.25.2018) ~ Recreational Pot Gets Smoked ~

D&D Note (1.25.2018) ~ Recreational Pot Gets Smoked ~ It’s the wild west when it comes to cannabis. And today recreational pot stocks got smoked. News of Lakewood hedge fund shorting both Canopy and Aurora put downward pressure on the entire basket of pot stocks. There main point is that it would only take $150m … Continue reading