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D&D Note (2.5.2018) ~ Flash Crash or Flash Sale? ~

D&D Note (2.5.2018) ~ Flash Crash or Flash Sale? ~ Markets carried over the selling from Friday on todays session. Then in the afternoon session we saw a 800 point flash crash which we came back from. Then market began selling back off and continued into the futures market. Come tomorrow we’ll be around a … Continue reading

D&D Note (2.2.2018) ~ Good News is Bad News, DOW Falls 666 points ~

D&D Note (2.2.2018) ~ Good News is Bad News, DOW Falls 666 points ~ The good job number and rise in wages has caused investors to worry the FED is behind the curve and will accelerate their rate hikes. That caused the 10YR to spike today and Equities to follow in parallel inverse. Once the … Continue reading

D&D Note (7-18-2012) ~ Tech Earnings Fuel Rally

D&D Note (7-18-2012) Corporate earnings continue to come in better-than-expected helping to keep the rally going in stocks. Keep in mind the bar is low for earnings so in reality it shouldn’t be hard for most companies to beat street expectations. Tech companies led the day with Intel (INTC), Hewlett-Packard (HPQ), Cisco (CSCO), EMC (EMC), … Continue reading

D&D Note (6-26-2012) ~ A Tepid Market Edges Higher

D&D Note (6-26-2012) Traders remain tepid with the Supreme Court to hand down a ruling Thursday on the Health Care reform, otherwise known as Obamacare, along with the upcoming EU Summit later this week. All together there is still a great deal of uncertainty in the markets. The major banks reversed after leading yesterdays sell-off. … Continue reading

D&D Note (4-16-2012) ~ Apple Gets The Squeeze

D&D Note (4-16-2012) Spain continued to rain percentage points on their sovereign debt where the bond yields rose above 6% which is the highest level we’ve seen in quite a few months. Despite all the pain in Spain the DOW surged 71.82 points thanks to the banks. However, the Nasdaq was under huge pressure with … Continue reading

D&D Note (4-4-2012) ~ Day Two of the FED Inspired Sell-off

D&D Note (4-4-2012) Today we saw a further sell-off in the markets in reaction to the FED minutes released yesterday stating that there would not be any likely near term QE. Usually the large mutual funds take a day to digest the news, and today we saw the larger institutional selling. Oil and Gold saw … Continue reading