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D&D Note (8-31-2012) ~ Algorithms Get It Wrong?

D&D Note (8-31-2012) Today was the day that every investor, trader, economist, politician, you name it was waiting for. The day when Helicopter Ben gave his speech at Jackson Hole Wyoming. What came out was essentially‚Ķ more of the same. Immediately the algorithms brought the market straight down. But then we humans‚Ķ yah people who … Continue reading

D&D Note (7-5-2012) ~ Markets Look Ahead To Jobs Number

D&D Note (7-5-2012) The big money is all on vacation creating no volume, leaving just day traders and algorithms moving the market. And everyone is waiting for the jobs number to be released tomorrow morning. If the jobs report comes in sub 100k it’ll be bad, if it can come in at 106k then it’ll … Continue reading

D&D Note (6-7-2012) ~ China Cuts Rates, Bernanke Gives No Definite Indication of Further Stimulus

D&D Note (6-7-2012) China cuts interest rates for the first time since 2008 sparking a rally in the morning of trading. However later in the day FED Chairman Ben Bernanke gave testimony to Congress and didn’t give any definite announcement of further stimulus causing the rally to quickly deflate. If we do get further easing … Continue reading