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D&D Note (4.6.2018) ~ Administration Policy Confusion Rattles Markets ~ #StockMarket #Sell-Off

D&D Note (4.6.2018) ~ Administration Policy Confusion Rattles Markets ~ The administration continues to confuse investors after new proposed $100 Billion tariffs against China where announced late last night. This after the administration had said nothing new would be coming out yesterday. Even Larry Kudlow was caught off guard by the news and he is … Continue reading

D&D Note (3.23.2018) ~ China Strikes Back and $1.3 Trillion US Spending Bill Signed #StockMarket #Selloff #Tariffs #TradeWar ~

D&D Note (3.23.2018) ~ China Strikes Back and $1.3 Trillion US Spending Bill Signed ~ China strikes back and responds with $3Billion in Tariffs against US agriculture industry targeting pork, wine and fruit. This is just the beginning of this trade war. In response to the steel and aluminum tariffs these new duties are up … Continue reading

Trade Alert (3.22.2018) #StockMarket #TradeWar #GlobalSelloff

Markets worldwide are under pressure due to the developing trade war. China strikes back with tariffs and we have further White House shakeups ahead of key talks with North Korea. USA Index Futures (11:00pm PST): DOW down -178 points (-0.74%) at 23,785 S&P 500 down -16.75 points (-0.63%) at 2,626.50 NASDAQ down 67.75 points (-1.01%) … Continue reading

D&D Note (3.22.2018) ~ China Trade War Tariffs Leads to Market Selloff #StockMarket #Selloff #ChinaTariffs #TradeWar ~

D&D Note (3.22.2018) ~ China Trade War Tariffs Leads to Market Selloff ~ The Trump administration today announced up to $60 Billion in Tariffs against China, details still to come but include a 30 day comment period. Industries that could be targeted include; information technology, automated machine tools and robotics, aerospace and aeronautics equipment, maritime … Continue reading

D&D Note (3.2.2018) ~ Will NAFTA Survive? ~

D&D Note (3.2.2018) ~ Will NAFTA Survive? ~ An investor has to be scratching their head wondering what exactly was this administration thinking with these tariff’s, or were they even thinking at all? Remember nothing has actually been signed into law yet so for all we know this is just another negotiation tactic. The remarkable … Continue reading

D&D Note (9-19-2012) ~ Is The Rally Running Out Of Steam?

D&D Note (9-19-2012) The Initial jolt in both Gold and Equities from the recently announced QE3 seems to be running out of oomph. In other words most of the QE related gains were already baked into the market. The current rally is running out of steam, although we can still slowly melt up leading into … Continue reading

D&D Note (9-5-2012) ~ The New Normal and The Central Bank Money-Go-Round

D&D Note (9-5-2012) Burning Man… Burns Wall Street. It’s the new image in people’s minds these days, burn the 1%. For those that don’t know, Burning Man is a “art & community” festival held in the desert in Nevada. Black Rock City to be exact. The festival just concluded this past weekend and along with … Continue reading

D&D Note (8-30-2012) ~ All Eyes To The Woodstock For Economists

D&D Note (8-30-2012) When we get positive economic reports we thus get less of a chance in additional quantitative easing commonly known as QE, or old fashion money printing. Today we got that first dose of reality in the markets seeing all averages fall right on the open of trading on the back of good … Continue reading

D&D Note (8-23-2012) ~ Correction Coming Time To Ring The Register

D&D Note (8-23-2012) Stocks continued to slide today on global growth concerns. September will be a very volatile month and we most likely will see a 5-10% correction in markets over the next month. Selling today was sparked by the latest China report on manufacturing which came in at nine month low and continued after … Continue reading

D&D Note (8-20-2012) ~ Apple Buoys the Markets Today

D&D Note (8-20-2012) More and more there has become one so called General in stocks that drives the direction of markets, and that is the world’s largest company Apple (AAPL). The company makes up a large percentage of weight in both the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq. Today stocks wanted to turn over but Apple … Continue reading