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D&D Note (2.2.2018) ~ Good News is Bad News, DOW Falls 666 points ~

D&D Note (2.2.2018) ~ Good News is Bad News, DOW Falls 666 points ~ The good job number and rise in wages has caused investors to worry the FED is behind the curve and will accelerate their rate hikes. That caused the 10YR to spike today and Equities to follow in parallel inverse. Once the … Continue reading

D&D Note (2.1.2018) ~ HODL Volatility Awakens ~

D&D Note (2.1.2018) ~ HODL Volatility Awakens ~ Wild swings today again across markets with volatility returning to daily trading. The DOW alone saw a swing of 290+ points during the session. Pot Stocks due to their high beta have moved more than the major indexes and are clearly shaking out the loose hands. If … Continue reading

D&D Note (1.31.2018) ~ Last FOMC Meeting for Chair Yellen ~

D&D Note (1.31.2018) ~ Last FOMC Meeting for Chair Yellen ~ In FED Chair Janet Yellen’s last meeting the FOMC held rates the same and guided to a March rate hike. Following the meeting minutes release markets saw a fairly big reversal to the downside. Correlated? Perhaps not as much as it would seem and … Continue reading

D&D Note (1.30.2018) ~ Pension Fund Rebalancing Sends Stocks Falling ~

D&D Note (1.30.2018) ~ Pension Fund Rebalancing Sends Stocks Falling ~ Stocks selloff today but close off their lows which is a positive sign. Trading volume was low signaling it was not panic selling. This was the first 1%+ correction in the markets this year which is healthy for the overall market. Three main stories … Continue reading

D&D Note (1.29.2018) ~ Bond Yields Pushing Higher ~

D&D Note (1.29.2018) ~ Bond Yields Pushing Higher ~ Markets fell on the day as pressure from rising bond yields continues sending stocks lower. The 10YR is on a very quick pace up and today rose to 2.72% intraday. Utilities have seen a death cross where the 50 day moving average crosses below the 200 … Continue reading

D&D Note (1.26.2018) ~ America Is Open For Business ~

D&D Note (1.26.2018) ~ America Is Open For Business ~ Today the POTUS delivered what was actually a pretty good speech in Davos. The key themes are America is open for business and that while the President looks at America first its not America alone. He also talked up a strong dollar to clarify comments … Continue reading

D&D Note (1.24.2018) ~ Davos Most Upbeat Since 2006 ~

D&D Note (1.24.2018) ~ Davos Most Upbeat Since 2006 ~ The mood around the international economic conference held yearly in Davos Switzerland is the most upbeat since 2006. Thats a telling sign of what the most wealthiest people in the world think about the current state of the global economy. The market as whole saw … Continue reading

D&D Note (1.23.2018) ~ Trade War?

D&D Note (1.23.2018) ~ Trade War? Solar panels and washing machines tariffs have been announced by the Trump administration. While that might seem not very important when you break that down its actually the start of a trade war with Asia and specifically China. The consequences could heat up if China decides to respond with … Continue reading

D&D Note (1.22.2018) ~ Feb 8th Replay

D&D Note (1.22.2018) ~ Feb 8th Replay Congress today passed a short term kick the can down the road bill to reopen the government shutdown. That road is short leading to February 8th were we’ll get a replay of will they will they not fund the government. Included in this bill is a promise from … Continue reading