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D&D Note (2.6.2018) ~ The New Computer Driven Market ~

D&D Note (2.6.2018) ~ The New Computer Driven Market ~ Welcome to the future where computers lead our markets up and down. We’ve seen extreme volatility in the last few trading sessions. What happened? On Friday we got a good jobs number with rising wages. That good news became bad news when investors then started … Continue reading

D&D Note (2.2.2018) ~ Good News is Bad News, DOW Falls 666 points ~

D&D Note (2.2.2018) ~ Good News is Bad News, DOW Falls 666 points ~ The good job number and rise in wages has caused investors to worry the FED is behind the curve and will accelerate their rate hikes. That caused the 10YR to spike today and Equities to follow in parallel inverse. Once the … Continue reading

D&D Note (1.30.2018) ~ Pension Fund Rebalancing Sends Stocks Falling ~

D&D Note (1.30.2018) ~ Pension Fund Rebalancing Sends Stocks Falling ~ Stocks selloff today but close off their lows which is a positive sign. Trading volume was low signaling it was not panic selling. This was the first 1%+ correction in the markets this year which is healthy for the overall market. Three main stories … Continue reading

D&D Note (1.22.2018) ~ Feb 8th Replay

D&D Note (1.22.2018) ~ Feb 8th Replay Congress today passed a short term kick the can down the road bill to reopen the government shutdown. That road is short leading to February 8th were we’ll get a replay of will they will they not fund the government. Included in this bill is a promise from … Continue reading

D&D Note (9-14-2012) ~ FED Delivers The Sugar, iPhone 5 Sells Out, Stocks At Multi-Year Highs

D&D Note (9-14-2012) The FED yesterday delivered the next round of sugar for the markets. The new program will see $40 Billion of mortgage-backed bonds each month with an unlimited amount of months. They also extended short-term interest rates until mid-2015. Also included was an extension of Operation Twist. All together the FED’s balance sheet … Continue reading

D&D Note (9-12-2012) ~ To QE Or Not To QE

D&D Note (9-12-2012) Every investor has their sights focused only on what act the FED will l take tomorrow. More QE… QE3. Change in communication extended the low rates further. Or nothing. Most likely is the change in communication, less likely is full blown QE. The other end of it is whats the time table … Continue reading

D&D Note (9-4-2012) ~ Small Caps Lead On The Day

D&D Note (9-4-2012) September started out with stocks falling, but not all indexes finished lower on the day. In fact small cap stocks rallied through the day highlighted by the Russell 2000 (RUT) which ended the day up 1.24%. Large cap stocks (which the Dow is comprised of) got a 2:00pm bounce on rumors of … Continue reading

D&D Note (8-30-2012) ~ All Eyes To The Woodstock For Economists

D&D Note (8-30-2012) When we get positive economic reports we thus get less of a chance in additional quantitative easing commonly known as QE, or old fashion money printing. Today we got that first dose of reality in the markets seeing all averages fall right on the open of trading on the back of good … Continue reading

D&D Note (8-28-2012) ~ Stocks Move Sideways Ahead of Friday’s Jackson Hole Speech

D&D Note (8-28-2012) Stocks mainly drifted sideways today with traders not willing to make big bets until there is more certainty on what course of action the FED will or will not decided to do. Investors did get a better-than-expected S&P/Case-Shiller Index report showing a 6.9% gain in the housing market in Q2, where analysts … Continue reading

D&D Note (8-27-2012) ~ Apple v Samsung, Can There Be Only One?

D&D Note (8-27-2012) The current rally is running out of steam or should we say sugar. The only things recently that have been pushing markets higher has been domestic economic news and rumors of QE. But even those press releases can’t hold up any one day chart. Today we got news that the Dallas Fed … Continue reading