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D&D Note (5.15.2020) ~ Oil Rally Lifts Stocks Off Lows ~ #StockMarket #OilRally

D&D Note (5.15.2020) ~ Oil Rally Lifts Stocks Off Lows ~ Equity markets opened the day gapping down into the red, however midday Oil began to rally which then pulled stocks off their lows for the day. The rally in Oil has nearly pulled the futures contracts out of contango. In the final minutes of … Continue reading

D&D Note (4-30-2012) ~ Spain In Recession, Again

D&D Note (4-30-2012) Spain GDP showed another quarter of declines making this now the second time the country has gone into recession since 2008. 16 Spanish banks got downgraded following Spain’s downgrade last week. Markets strongly reacted to the Spanish news along with some other poor US economic reports. US consumer spending slowed down more … Continue reading

D&D Note (4-27-2012) ~ GDP Comes In Weak, Markets Rally

D&D Note (4-27-2012) First Quarter United States GDP came in at 2.2%, the estimate was for 2.5% (GDP was 3% in Q4 of 2011). What that reading means is that we will not be headed for a double dip recession, but QE3 is now definitely still on the table for late June when the FOMC … Continue reading

D&D Note (4-26-2012) ~ Markets Rally Ahead of US GDP Q1 Estimates Tomorrow

D&D Note (4-26-2012) Sugar fix, the markets are addicted and will rally (like today) on just the thought it could still happen again (i.e. more quantitative easing or commonly called QE). The US GDP Q1 estimate will be released tomorrow and depending on how well or how bad that number comes in will greatly determine … Continue reading

D&D Note (3-29-2012) ~ Best Buy becoming Circuit City

D&D Note (3-29-2012) Best Buy announced they are closing 50 American “Big Box” stores and opening new stores in China. This looks early similar to the death spiral that was Circuit City. The likes of Amazon is destroying large square foot stores like Best Buy, and Wall-Mart for that matter. Best Buy stock fell 6.95%. … Continue reading