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D&D Note (2.26.2018) ~ Markets Rally Ahead of FED Chair Testimony ~

D&D Note (2.26.2018) ~ Markets Rally Ahead of FED Chair Testimony ~ American markets saw a nice lift today on a broad based rally. This comes a day ahead of the new FED Chair J. Powell’s first testimony in front of congress. The direction of the market going forward in the near term will be … Continue reading

D&D Note (2.12.2018) ~ Tradable Bottom or Dead Cat Bounce? ~

D&D Note (2.12.2018) ~ Tradable Bottom or Dead Cat Bounce? ~ Markets continued to lift up on Monday’s session seeing gains over 1% on all indexes. Have we found a tradable bottom or is this just another dead cat bounce? All eyes will be on the upcoming CPI number and of course the new FED … Continue reading

D&D Note (1.24.2018) ~ Davos Most Upbeat Since 2006 ~

D&D Note (1.24.2018) ~ Davos Most Upbeat Since 2006 ~ The mood around the international economic conference held yearly in Davos Switzerland is the most upbeat since 2006. Thats a telling sign of what the most wealthiest people in the world think about the current state of the global economy. The market as whole saw … Continue reading

D&D Note (1.19.2018) ~ Kicking the Can?

D&D Note (1.19.2018) ~ Kicking the Can? As of market close we still have yet to get any news on whether or not there will be a government shutdown come midnight tonight. If the market is a gauge it would seem we will get the can kicked down the road as all three indexes are … Continue reading

D&D Note (4-20-2012) ~ Earnings Continue To Beat

D&D Note (4-20-2012) American corporate earnings continue to beat estimates driving markets higher today. Just keep in mind the bar has been set very low. Microsoft (MSFT) beat expectations with a 6% rise in sales growth. McDonalds (MCD) and General Electric (GE) both also beat analyst estimates. E*Trade (ETFC) gained 7% today with better financial … Continue reading