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Market Alert! Global Futures Fall and US Futures Down 1% On New $200 Billion Tariffs. #TradeWar

After the Trump Administration announced a further $200 Billion in Tariffs on China and possibly an additional $200 Billion if China retaliates with tariffs on the US, Global Markets have fallen in futures trading. Asia Markets are lower in cash trading. The US Market Futures are all down around 1% at 9:00pm (PST). The implied open for DOW is down … Continue reading

D&D Note (5.18.2018) ~ S&P Flat on Week is Victory for Bulls ~ #StockMarket

D&D Note (5.18.2018) ~ S&P Flat on Week is Victory for Bulls ~ In the face of continued rising of the 10YR Yield the S&P 500 remained flat for the week. This is actually a big win for the bulls. Why? Because we are still holding the breakout of the downtrend and have not tried … Continue reading

D&D Note (4.25.2018) ~ Choppy Trading Leaves Markets Flat ~ #StockMarket

D&D Note (4.25.2018) ~ Choppy Trading Leaves Markets Flat ~ Markets had choppy trading today flirting with negative and positive territory throughout the day. The DOW finished up on the session gaining 0.24% with help from Boeing. The NASDAQ fell -0.05% to be rather UNCH and the S&P 500 rose 0.18%. Boeing (BA) beats on … Continue reading

D&D Note (3.23.2018) ~ China Strikes Back and $1.3 Trillion US Spending Bill Signed #StockMarket #Selloff #Tariffs #TradeWar ~

D&D Note (3.23.2018) ~ China Strikes Back and $1.3 Trillion US Spending Bill Signed ~ China strikes back and responds with $3Billion in Tariffs against US agriculture industry targeting pork, wine and fruit. This is just the beginning of this trade war. In response to the steel and aluminum tariffs these new duties are up … Continue reading

D&D Note (3.6.2018) ~ Choppy Trading Session & Concerns Cohn Will Resign ~

D&D Note (3.6.2018) ~ Choppy Trading Session & Concerns Cohn Will Resign ~ Markets started the day with good news coming out of North Korea on the idea the regime could end their nuclear ambitions. That news gave equities a nice bounce as the tape began. However, that quickly faded and the DOW saw a … Continue reading

D&D Note (9-19-2012) ~ Is The Rally Running Out Of Steam?

D&D Note (9-19-2012) The Initial jolt in both Gold and Equities from the recently announced QE3 seems to be running out of oomph. In other words most of the QE related gains were already baked into the market. The current rally is running out of steam, although we can still slowly melt up leading into … Continue reading

D&D Note (9-14-2012) ~ FED Delivers The Sugar, iPhone 5 Sells Out, Stocks At Multi-Year Highs

D&D Note (9-14-2012) The FED yesterday delivered the next round of sugar for the markets. The new program will see $40 Billion of mortgage-backed bonds each month with an unlimited amount of months. They also extended short-term interest rates until mid-2015. Also included was an extension of Operation Twist. All together the FED’s balance sheet … Continue reading

D&D Note (9-12-2012) ~ To QE Or Not To QE

D&D Note (9-12-2012) Every investor has their sights focused only on what act the FED will l take tomorrow. More QE… QE3. Change in communication extended the low rates further. Or nothing. Most likely is the change in communication, less likely is full blown QE. The other end of it is whats the time table … Continue reading

D&D Note (9-5-2012) ~ The New Normal and The Central Bank Money-Go-Round

D&D Note (9-5-2012) Burning Man… Burns Wall Street. It’s the new image in people’s minds these days, burn the 1%. For those that don’t know, Burning Man is a “art & community” festival held in the desert in Nevada. Black Rock City to be exact. The festival just concluded this past weekend and along with … Continue reading

D&D Note (9-4-2012) ~ Small Caps Lead On The Day

D&D Note (9-4-2012) September started out with stocks falling, but not all indexes finished lower on the day. In fact small cap stocks rallied through the day highlighted by the Russell 2000 (RUT) which ended the day up 1.24%. Large cap stocks (which the Dow is comprised of) got a 2:00pm bounce on rumors of … Continue reading