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D&D Note (6.6.2018) ~ Cannabis Stocks Catch A Fire ~ #StockMarket #Cannabis

D&D Note (6.6.2018) ~ Cannabis Stocks Catch A Fire ~ Ahead of the vote to legalize recreational use tomorrow in Canada, Cannabis Stocks (better known as Pot Stocks) rallied big today. All D&D Cannabis holdings gained on the day with MEDFF up 9.88%, IMLFF up 8.92%, APHQF up 4.36%, CNTTF up 3.92%, CGC up 2.75%. … Continue reading

D&D Note (3.21.2018) ~ FED Threads the Needle and Zuckerberg Speaks #StockMarket #FED #RateHike #Facebook ~

D&D Note (3.21.2018) ~ FED Threads the Needle and Zuckerberg Speaks ~ Today was new FED Chairman J. Powell’s first FOMC meeting and press conference. The FED as expected raised rates a quarter percent. They signaled they are still on pace for 3 hikes this year. The 10YR note briefly hit 2.9% but fell back … Continue reading

Todays Trade (3.21.2018) #StockMarket


D&D Note (2.27.2018) ~ Interest Rates and FED Chair Powell Dominate Markets Today ~

D&D Note (2.27.2018) ~ Interest Rates and FED Chair Powell Dominate Markets Today ~ The big action today was FED Chair J. Powell’s testimony in front of Congress. One question in regard to the number of rate hikes and the answer of opening the door to a 4th rate hike this year led the algorithms … Continue reading

D&D Note (1.31.2018) ~ Last FOMC Meeting for Chair Yellen ~

D&D Note (1.31.2018) ~ Last FOMC Meeting for Chair Yellen ~ In FED Chair Janet Yellen’s last meeting the FOMC held rates the same and guided to a March rate hike. Following the meeting minutes release markets saw a fairly big reversal to the downside. Correlated? Perhaps not as much as it would seem and … Continue reading

D&D Note (7-17-2012) ~ U.S. Stocks Rally, Chinese Tech Gets Hit

D&D Note (7-17-2012) New Oriental Education & Technology (EDU) stock got hit today after the SEC said they are looking into the validity of the company’s past financial statements. This news led to other Chinese tech stocks getting hit on the news as well. Shares of Baidu (BIDU) fell 2.21% to close at $104.98. SINA … Continue reading

D&D Note (6-27-2012) ~ Can 1320 Hold On The S&P 500?

D&D Note (6-27-2012) What was a ceiling recently turned into a floor but can it hold? The S&P 500 index, which is a collection of 500 top American companies, was meeting resistance at 1320 and was creating the ceiling in the trading range. Now over the last few days it has held above 1320 putting … Continue reading

D&D Note (5-3-2012) – Facebook Prices IPO and Sets IPO Date

D&D Note (5-3-2012) What will be the hottest IPO since Google (GOOG) is the upcoming IPO of Facebook.  The social networking site set the IPO price range at $28 – $35. If valued at the high end of $35 that would value the company at 75 billion which is less than the expected $100 billion. … Continue reading

D&D Note (4-16-2012) ~ Apple Gets The Squeeze

D&D Note (4-16-2012) Spain continued to rain percentage points on their sovereign debt where the bond yields rose above 6% which is the highest level we’ve seen in quite a few months. Despite all the pain in Spain the DOW surged 71.82 points thanks to the banks. However, the Nasdaq was under huge pressure with … Continue reading

D&D Note (4-12-2012) ~ Market Goes Long and Google Beats On Earnings

D&D Note (4-12-2012) Today’s rally was a continuation of yesterday’s rally. Google (GOOG) reported earnings after the bell and beat estimates. Google also announced they are planning an unorthodox stock split (in the past they had said they would never split the stock). We should see some more upward movement in the markets this week. … Continue reading