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D&D Note (9.15.2020) ~ Rally Fades As Stocks Pair Gains Into The Close ~ #StockMarket

D&D Note (9.15.2020) ~ Rally Fades As Stocks Pair Gains Into The Close ~ Tech led the rally in the stock market again today. However, as the day went on stocks began pairing their gains into the close. Financial Sector was the laggard on the day down -1.36% with JPM down -2.99% and Citigroup down … Continue reading

D&D Note (4-24-2012) ~ Apple Earnings BLOWOUT

D&D Note (4-24-2012) Today was all about Apple (AAPL), iPhones, iPads, subsidies, Chinese mobile players taking market share, AT&T (T) and Verizon (VZ) missed iPhone sales, Qualcomm (QCOM) supply issues, and a company that is a real company and not superman. And what does Apple do? BLOWOUT their Q2 earnings. Q2 revenue of 39.2B topping … Continue reading

D&D Note (4-17-2012) ~ Apple Slingshots Back Up – EuroZone Helps Global Markets Rally

D&D Note (4-17-2012) In the first minutes of trading today Apple (AAPL) fell to $571.91 and took off from there to close up 5.10% at $609.70. A clear indication that the shorts have been taken off and the stock can now continue to head higher into earnings, making yesterday a great day to buy the … Continue reading

D&D Note (3-16-2012) ~ DeMark calls topping pattern and Apple iPad3 goes on sale

D&D Note (3-16-2012) DeMark looks for a top next week at S&P 1419-26 – seeking the final Day 13 of exhaustion. Meaning his theory is after 13 days of market exhaustion it rolls over. We certainly look frothy at these levels. Keep in mind he called this a month a go and went to cash … Continue reading