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D&D Note (4.30.2018) ~ Netanyahu Sends Markets Lower ~ #StockMarket #Iran

D&D Note (4.30.2018) ~ Netanyahu Sends Markets Lower ~ An early morning rally on the back of good earnings faltered after Netanyahu gave a presentation on how how Iran is lying about its nuclear program. This news throws the Iran deal into question and investors reacted by selling equities. On merger Monday we finally saw … Continue reading

D&D Note (4-11-2012) ~ Alcoa Gives Markets a Reason to Rally

D&D Note (4-11-2012) Aluminum producer Alcoa (AA) reported better than expected earnings after the bell yesterday (Alcoa is always the first DOW component to report earnings). This was reason enough for European concerns to ease for a day. A slight reprieve in advancing Spanish and Italian debt yields also helped sooth those Pains of Spain … Continue reading

D&D Note (3-20-2012) ~ China Dominates Global Trading

D&D Note (3-20-2012) The Peoples Republic of Capitalist Communism hiked gas and diesel prices due to higher crude oil. Reports say that Chinese steal intake is down prompting more housing fears, Aussie falls. New home prices declined in 45 of 70 major Chinese cities while 21 were stagnate.┬áChinese Industrials sell off. The Saudi’s at least … Continue reading