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D&D Note (8-24-2012) ~ Stocks Rally On Old News And Renewed Hope of FED Easing

D&D Note (8-24-2012) There was a wall of upward movement in the markets around 11:15 today when FED Chairman Ben Bernanke released a note that was sent to Rep. Darrel Isaa, who is the chairman of the House oversight committee, discussing how the FED still has the ability and room on the balance sheet to … Continue reading

D&D Note (8-13-2012) ~ S&P 500 Snaps 6 Day Rally

D&D Note (8-13-2012) After the longest rally since December 2011 the S&P 500 finally snapped the 6 day winning streak. Most likely we’ll continue to see the market heading up until we hit 1425 on the S&P 500 where there is resistance, and then head lower with perhaps a 1385 low before then rallying 5-10% … Continue reading