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D&D Note (10.12.2020) ~ Stimulus Hopes + Apple 5G Event + Optimistic Earnings Season All Lead To Rally Today Led By Tech ~ #StockMarket

D&D Note (10.12.2020) ~ Stimulus Hopes + Apple 5G Event + Optimistic Earnings Season All Lead To Rally Today Led By Tech ~ The market General, Apple, lifts virtually the entire market today ahead of their 5G iPhone event Tuesday. AAPL was up 6.48% in cash trading today. Investors remain hopeful of fiscal stimulus after … Continue reading

D&D Note (8.6.2020) ~ Stock Stage Afternoon Rally On Hopes Of New Stimulus Relief Bill ~ #Stockmarket

D&D Note (8.6.2020) ~ Stock Stage Afternoon Rally On Hopes Of New Stimulus Relief Bill ~ There is still not a new Stimulus Relief Bill however, Nancy Pelosi says there is progress on negotiations ahead of the self imposed Friday deadline. This was enough hope that a bill will get passed to lift markets in … Continue reading

D&D Note (7-13-2012) ~ Stocks Get a JPMorgan Boost, Despite The $5.8 Billion Trading Loss By The Bank

D&D Note (7-13-2012) JPMorgan Chase (JPM) reported earnings today, and despite their $5.8 Billion trading loss, the bank released better-than-expected earnings for the second quarter. Shares rose almost 6% on the day. The JPMorgan earnings helped boost all most all stocks on the day including the other major U.S. banks. The slowdown in China shouldn’t … Continue reading

D&D Note (6-26-2012) ~ A Tepid Market Edges Higher

D&D Note (6-26-2012) Traders remain tepid with the Supreme Court to hand down a ruling Thursday on the Health Care reform, otherwise known as Obamacare, along with the upcoming EU Summit later this week. All together there is still a great deal of uncertainty in the markets. The major banks reversed after leading yesterdays sell-off. … Continue reading

D&D Note (6-21-2012) ~ Markets Get Hammered On Global Growth Concerns And Bank Downgrades

D&D Note (6-21-2012) Markets all fell 2% today on slowing global growth and downgrades of the banks by Moody’s. Goldman Sachs (GS) added to the downward pressure releasing a note to short the S&P 500 until it falls 5% and could see 1,285 on the index. The S&P 500 has seen lots of resistance around … Continue reading

D&D Note (6-19-2012) ~ Low Volume See Markets Drift Higher Ahead of FED

D&D Note (6-19-2012) This week has seen extremely low volume on the NYSE allowing stocks to drift higher ahead of the conclusion of the 2 day FED meeting. Investors will most likely be disappointed from what comes out of the FOMC with likely no QE3 being announced. An extension of Operation Twist is already baked … Continue reading

D&D Note (6-13-2012) ~ Stocks Sell-off Near End of Trading On Euro Worries

D&D Note (6-13-2012) Markets were in the green today but gave back all the gains and turned lower by the end of the trading session. The Eurozone remains in focus and all eyes are on this Sunday when the Greek’s take to the polls. Markets also began to sell-off during CEO Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan … Continue reading

D&D Note (5-21-2012) ~ China Commits To Growth And The EU Wants Greece To Stay

D&D Note (5-21-2012) Markets got a nice lift today off of Chinese Premier, Wen Jiabao’s, comments that China is committed to growth along with the European leaders stating that they want Greece to stay in the Euro. Most likely this will be a relief rally from an oversold market ahead of the Euro summit this … Continue reading

D&D Note (5-14-2012) ~ Greece Remains in The Forefront With Global Market Correlation

D&D Note (5-14-2012) Markets are currently trying to price in the possibility of Greece leaving the Euro. Leaving the entire global markets in extreme correlation (meaning everything is trading together around 75% correlation, and today that was down). Banks are still also adding to the downward pressure mainly thanks to JPMorgan (JPM). And the ax … Continue reading

D&D Note (5-11-2012) ~ JPMorgan Takes A $2 Billion Trading Loss

D&D Note (5-11-2012)  American bank JPMorgan (JPM) suffered a $2 billion trading loss, and the stock fell 9% on the day. CEO Jamie Dimon chalked the loss up to “bad judgement” and the trade was meant to be a hedge. Jamie Dimon also said they could suffer further losses. And now the FED is seeking … Continue reading