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Comprehensive Long-Term American Deficit Solution

Comprehensive Long-Term American Deficit Solution Author: Del Lienemann, Jr. C.P.A., Partner in D&D Investments The Comprehensive Long-Term American Deficit Solution consists of 4 main components.  They are a Long-Term Deficit Reduction Plan Component, an Annual Budget Deficit Reduction Plan Component, a Tax Reform Plan Component and a Social Security and Medicare Plan Component. In order to be … Continue reading

D&D Note (6-8-2012) ~ Best Week Of The Year For The Markets, Fiscal Cliff Solution Preview

D&D Note (6-8-2012) Markets rose today making this the best week of the year (i.e. hope you had some skin in the game). Rumors are abound on Spanish bailout plans and although China will release data for May that was most likely as worse as April, most of the damage happened in last nights Asian/Euro … Continue reading