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D&D Note (4.30.2018) ~ Netanyahu Sends Markets Lower ~ #StockMarket #Iran

D&D Note (4.30.2018) ~ Netanyahu Sends Markets Lower ~ An early morning rally on the back of good earnings faltered after Netanyahu gave a presentation on how how Iran is lying about its nuclear program. This news throws the Iran deal into question and investors reacted by selling equities. On merger Monday we finally saw … Continue reading

D&D Note (8-15-2012) ~ No Volume – Hard To Trade When The Rules Are Unknown

D&D Note (8-15-2012) Flash crashes, billion dollar bank trading losses, computer glitches, botched IPO’s, LIBOR manipulation… it’s no wonder the retail investor (i.e. the little guys on main street) have stayed out of the markets. Who really controls them? When Wall Street heavy weights like hedge funds and other institutional trading firms sit on the … Continue reading