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D&D Note (8-15-2012) ~ No Volume – Hard To Trade When The Rules Are Unknown

D&D Note (8-15-2012) Flash crashes, billion dollar bank trading losses, computer glitches, botched IPO’s, LIBOR manipulation… it’s no wonder the retail investor (i.e. the little guys on main street) have stayed out of the markets. Who really controls them? When Wall Street heavy weights like hedge funds and other institutional trading firms sit on the … Continue reading

D&D Note (8-7-2012) ~ Major Rotation Into Cyclicals Fuels Rally

D&D Note (8-7-2012) The stock market rally continued today after stronger jobs number on Friday and hopes that the ECB will buy Spanish and Italian government debt. Boston FED President Eric Rosengren called for “more substantive action than we’ve taken to date.” Meaning a more open-ended monetary policy of bond purchasing – or commonly known … Continue reading

D&D Note (6-8-2012) ~ Best Week Of The Year For The Markets, Fiscal Cliff Solution Preview

D&D Note (6-8-2012) Markets rose today making this the best week of the year (i.e. hope you had some skin in the game). Rumors are abound on Spanish bailout plans and although China will release data for May that was most likely as worse as April, most of the damage happened in last nights Asian/Euro … Continue reading

D&D Note (5-16-2012) ~ Fiscal Cliff 2.0

D&D Note (5-16-2012) If the Federal Reserve is worried about Congress not being decisive, then so should every investor. The United States has never defaulted on its payments, but yet again like last year we have another fiscal cliff (call it 2.0) coming down the road in 2013 in regards to the federal budget. Sadly … Continue reading