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D&D Note (4.7.2020) ~ Rallies Built On Hope Tend To Fade ~ #StockMarket #HopeRallyFades

D&D Note (4.7.2020) ~ Rallies Built On Hope Tend To Fade ~ The S&P 500 started the day with a 3.5% gain on the back of yesterdays Hope fueled rally. Problem with having a rally not based on Fundamentals or Technicals is that they tend to always fade. Throughout the day the market drifted lower … Continue reading

D&D Note (4.3.2020) ~ Jobs Report is… Horrible ~ #StockMarket #Unemployment

D&D Note (4.3.2020) ~ Jobs Report is… Horrible ~ Markets started the day in positive territory but after the first 45 minutes stocks began to drop and continued to fall throughout the day after a horrible jobs report. Traders also don’t like going long into a weekend when clouded with uncertainty. Lows of the day … Continue reading

D&D Note (3-20-2012) ~ China Dominates Global Trading

D&D Note (3-20-2012) The Peoples Republic of Capitalist Communism hiked gas and diesel prices due to higher crude oil. Reports say that Chinese steal intake is down prompting more housing fears, Aussie falls. New home prices declined in 45 of 70 major Chinese cities while 21 were stagnate.┬áChinese Industrials sell off. The Saudi’s at least … Continue reading