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D&D Note (4.8.2020) ~ Hope ON = Risk ON ~ #StockMarket

D&D Note (4.8.2020) ~ Hope ON = Risk ON ~ Markets look forward in time and are priced for future earnings. With Italy, Spain, and New York all seeing virus cases leveling off give Hope that we are getting closer to being able to turn economies back on. Anthony Fauci also had a positive outlook … Continue reading

D&D Note (7-30-2012) ~ All Eyes Await Global Central Bank Policy

D&D Note (7-30-2012) Markets today by and large treaded water awaiting the FED and ECB policy announcements later this week. While we most likely won’t see any stimulus from the FED this week investors will be hanging on every word to seek future guidance on policy. The ECB however could put many traders minds at … Continue reading

D&D Note (7-23-2012) ~ Spanish Fears Drag Down Markets

D&D Note (7-23-2012) Call it the slowest train wreck in history. Investors have been worried about Spanish sovereign debt and adjusting their portfolios now for over three years. Today we had yet another cold call to reality that Spain most likely will need a full out bailout of banks and regions. The yields on the … Continue reading

D&D Note (6-25-2012) ~ Markets Swing Back to The Red On Pre-EU Summit Doubts

D&D Note (6-25-2012) Investors decided to lower their expectations that something of value will actually come out of this weeks EU Summit, sending all the indexes down on the day. Markets are looking for what is normally dubbed a “game-changer” but are now thinking that Germany simply won’t budge on their position and rather once … Continue reading

D&D Note (6-18-2012) ~ Greece Votes Pro-Bailout, But Spanish Yields Rise Above 7%

D&D Note (6-18-2012) The Greek’s voted for the pro-bailout party eliminating the worse case scenario. However, now the New Democracy party needs to form a coalition, most likely with the Pasok party. If a coalition can’t be formed the country will be forced to have a third election. Not to mention that Greece will run … Continue reading

D&D Note (5-30-2012) ~ Record Low Bond Yields Today On Flight To Safety

D&D Note (5-30-2012) The more bonds people buy the lower the yield goes. (price and yields are inverse). Today we hit record low yields on the 10-Year Note with a yield of 1.62%. So low that you are loosing your investment. All signs point to we are about to see a bond bubble burst. There … Continue reading

D&D Note (5-29-2012) ~ Markets Rally On Joint Central Bank Stimulus Hope

D&D Note (5-29-2012) The next US jobs report (for May) will determine just about everything for the FED. Next FOMC meeting is in the third week of June – same time as the Greek elections. Could we see QE3, another LTRO, further RRR reduction in China? Simply put investors will have a glimpse into the … Continue reading

D&D Note (5-18-2012) ~ Near Market Capitulation?

D&D Note (5-18-2012) Are we near market capitulation? Meaning the point of extreme panic representing the end of a correction. Since breaking technicals today we look to have another 1% to 1.5% down to go on Monday. But watch the G8 meeting over the weekend. It’s still a politically driven global market – and the … Continue reading

D&D Note (5-14-2012) ~ Greece Remains in The Forefront With Global Market Correlation

D&D Note (5-14-2012) Markets are currently trying to price in the possibility of Greece leaving the Euro. Leaving the entire global markets in extreme correlation (meaning everything is trading together around 75% correlation, and today that was down). Banks are still also adding to the downward pressure mainly thanks to JPMorgan (JPM). And the ax … Continue reading

D&D Note (5-2-2012) ~ ADP Report Sends Markets Lower Ahead of Fridays Government Jobs Report

D&D Note (5-2-2012) Payroll company ADP always releases their job number ahead of the government, and the number was horrible. Although the ADP number is not Gospel and often incorrect it is a good gauge of what the Government will release friday. The ADP report showed only 119,000 private sector jobs where added in April … Continue reading