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D&D Note (2.1.2018) ~ HODL Volatility Awakens ~

D&D Note (2.1.2018) ~ HODL Volatility Awakens ~ Wild swings today again across markets with volatility returning to daily trading. The DOW alone saw a swing of 290+ points during the session. Pot Stocks due to their high beta have moved more than the major indexes and are clearly shaking out the loose hands. If … Continue reading

D&D Note (1.24.2018) ~ Davos Most Upbeat Since 2006 ~

D&D Note (1.24.2018) ~ Davos Most Upbeat Since 2006 ~ The mood around the international economic conference held yearly in Davos Switzerland is the most upbeat since 2006. Thats a telling sign of what the most wealthiest people in the world think about the current state of the global economy. The market as whole saw … Continue reading

D&D Note (1.22.2018) ~ Feb 8th Replay

D&D Note (1.22.2018) ~ Feb 8th Replay Congress today passed a short term kick the can down the road bill to reopen the government shutdown. That road is short leading to February 8th were we’ll get a replay of will they will they not fund the government. Included in this bill is a promise from … Continue reading

D&D Note (1.18.2018) ~ Gov Shutdown?

D&D Market Note of the Day (1.18.2018) The market took a breather today ahead of a potential government shutdown on Friday. Volatility has come back into the market this week, however it might be short lived, as politics and Washington are the main cause for the spike. Investors eyes are turning more and more to the … Continue reading

D&D Note (8-31-2012) ~ Algorithms Get It Wrong?

D&D Note (8-31-2012) Today was the day that every investor, trader, economist, politician, you name it was waiting for. The day when Helicopter Ben gave his speech at Jackson Hole Wyoming. What came out was essentially… more of the same. Immediately the algorithms brought the market straight down. But then we humans… yah people who … Continue reading

D&D Note (8-23-2012) ~ Correction Coming Time To Ring The Register

D&D Note (8-23-2012) Stocks continued to slide today on global growth concerns. September will be a very volatile month and we most likely will see a 5-10% correction in markets over the next month. Selling today was sparked by the latest China report on manufacturing which came in at nine month low and continued after … Continue reading

D&D Note (8-21-2012) ~ Markets Hit Resistance And Turn Lower

D&D Note (8-21-2012) After the S&P 500 hit a high of 1426 traders took the opportunity to lock in gains and thus we saw markets reverse. The previous high was 1423 which was reached on May 15th 2008. Don’t be surprised to see further downside risk before we eventually head back up. A 5% correction … Continue reading

D&D Note (7-10-2012) ~ Markets Turnover In Last Hour Of Trading

D&D Note (7-10-2012) Markets started out the day strong and came down into the European close, then reversed back up as usual. However near the last hour of trading Cummins (CMI) came out and lowered their sales forecast for the year resulting in the stock falling 9%. As the transports go so does the market … Continue reading

D&D Note (6-29-2012) ~ Global Markets Rally On Euro Deal

D&D Note (6-29-2012) Global Markets soared today after a deal between EU leaders was struck last night to help recapitalize the Eurozone banks. While more, much more, still needs to be done this is a step closer to European Banking Union. The major caveat is that the monies for the banks might not be available … Continue reading

D&D Note (6-28-2012) ~ ObamaCare Upheld, Stocks Sell-Off, Then Late Day Rally On Euro Pact To Stimulate Growth

D&D Note (6-28-2012) CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) currently is at 19.71. Traditionally a VIX reading of 30 or over signals panic. Investors like to buy when there’s panic in the market because thats normally when you have capitulation, or in other words the bottom of a market. What the VIX measures is the implied volatility … Continue reading