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D&D Note (5-22-2012) – Greece Exit Possibility Drags Markets Down at End of Session.

D&D Note (5-22-2012) Today started with a nice rally on housing data – until the final 30 minutes of trading when one headline on Greece possibly beginning an exit strategy from the Euro dragged all the indexes down erasing todays gains. New reports have that Greece might only have 2 days to determine its future. … Continue reading

D&D Note (4-19-2012) ~ A Market Unsure of Which Direction To Go

D&D Note (4-19-2012) Do we make new highs or do we further correct? Do we trade off of earnings or do we trade off of Spanish headlines? Financial stocks keep beating earnings but still look very risky. Tech stocks have been missing earnings but due to demand or supply? Buy Banks that make loans or … Continue reading